"Having Caitlin as my coach was the best decision I ever made!  She was so positive and encouraging, especially during the times I needed it most! I have become a stronger runner, physically and mentally and met so many goals I never thought I would."  - Kristin D in WI


"Caitlin is encouraging, empowering, and very accessible for check-ins and reviewing workouts.  Her positive attitude and absolute belief in me got me doing workouts at paces I never thought possible which led me to PR in every race I've ran since working with Caitlin." - Kristina P in NY


"I jumped at the opportunity to have Caitlin as a coach after nearly 2 years away from running. Her knowledge and passion for the sport has kept me injury free throughout the transition back.  As someone who struggles with internal motivation, knowing that Caitlin is holding me accountable but also flexible when life has other priorities, has made asking her to be my coach the best decision I’ve made in a long time." - Emma F in PA


"Since starting to work with Caitlin, I have PR'ed in every distance! Her guidance, expertise, and customized training plans helped me far exceed my time goals for both of my goal races last Spring and helped me prepare for my first marathon this past Fall.  Running a marathon is something that I never envisioned myself doing when I started running, but Caitlin's coaching for two half marathons made me feel that I could be successful.  Working with her has not only increased my athletic ability, but my mental toughness as well.  I have never felt more confident in myself as a runner! Caitlin is friendly, approachable, and down to earth.  She takes your individual needs into account when creating your training plan.  Most importantly, she is an excellent listener and checks in regularly to see how you're feeling and responding to training.  Hiring her as my coach is one of the best decisions I have ever made!"  - Melanie Q in PA


"Caitlin is friendly, knowledgeable, accessible, and has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past 6 months.  She has reignited my passion for running and kept me healthy in the process, which is something I struggled with prior to hiring a coach.  Even though I fall into an older age category and don't really have a desire to do competitive races, Caitlin understands and respects that yet somehow still keeps me motivated and excited about every run."  - Rebecca B in CA

“I reached out to Caitlin about coaching after not getting into the Boston Marathon and I knew that I had to reevaluate the way I had previously trained. Caitlin gave me all the tools to go after my running goals…an exceptional training plan with a variety of workouts, consistent encouragement, a positive attitude and patience with all of my questions. All I had to do was trust the process and run. Working with Caitlin helped me go after my last marathon with the perfect mix of confidence and excitement over what I could do that day. I am happy to say I far surpassed what I thought I was capable of and knew that my training, coaching and dedication to Caitlin’s plan made it possible. Having Caitlin as a coach has been the best running decision I’ve made in a long time!” - Arielle S in IL

“Deciding to work with Caitlin was the best decision I have made for my running. Caitlin provided me with a challenging training plan that allowed me to run a marathon PR that I had been working towards for a long time. Her variety of workouts, excitement for running and encouragement made the training more fun than it had been in years. Caitlin is truly invested in the success of her athletes and it shows. I am excited to continue working towards more PR’s with her!” - Andrea S in WI

“I am very thrilled about my experience with Fearless feet  running. I started working with Coach Caitlin at the start of May 2017. We discussed my history, nutrition, running goals and target races.  She customized my training programs based on the specific races and goals that we set. We stayed on track all year with constant communication. Speed workouts for each week were challenging and really helped with the rest of my runs.  I was previously struggling on combining the speed and endurance on my runs but significantly improved with the help of Caitlin. This year my plan is to do my first marathon and I'm very excited about my training. I gained/learned a lot in my running and have lots of confidence to keep up with everyone. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for rest of the year!!” - Anand A in WI